Pelletizing Extruder

Pelletizing extruder can be applied for any compounding materials into pellets. Featured with high precision design and easy operation, we ensure our pelletizing extruder's highest quality capacity. For pelletizing needs, we believe that CYKF would be your best all in one solution.
Co-rotating Twin Screw Pelletizing Compounding Extruder
HS Series Single Screw Pelletizing Extruder
  • Heavy duty gearbox: Features high torque output, no noise and assures smooth rotation performance.
  • Forced lubrication system: Ensures proper lubrication at all times and long service life of the machine.
  • Vacuum assisted degassing system: It not only provides efficient removal of moisture, waste gas and dust, but also stable material outfeed and superior pellet quality.
DHS Series High Output Single Screw Pelletizing Extruder
  • High precision design, The highest quality capacity.
  • The best compounding and dispersion, raising the quality of the material property.
  • PC-Base control system, motor link-control and working record.
Single Screw Underwater Cutting Type Pelletizing Line
  • It is especially suitable for materials with low melting temperature, high viscosity and that are difficult to cut with conventional steand pelletizer systems. This pelletizing system fuatures high dficiency and easy operation.
  • It is applicable for production of micro pellets.
  • The machine is automatically operated. All machine motions, from dosing feeder, extruder, cutting speed to dewatering are adjusted synchronously for maximum operation convenience.