CYKF Leverages Brand Value and Provides Customized Services for Digital Transformation

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In the past, the phrase that "stones from other hills may serve to polish the jade of this one" was often quoted to describe the use of others' talents to strengthen one's own abilities, but in today's era of digital transformation, it can actually be applied to emphasize the importance of required cross-domain knowledge! The Cheng Yieu Development Machinery Co., Ltd. (CYKF) has been adhering to the faith that "our sincerity makes clients' big success and the quality of our products is as strong as a jade" since its inception 20 years ago.

Master the digital marketing model to cater to the trend of the post-COVID-19 era

In response to the trend of intelligence and digitization, CYKF is one of the few examples in Taiwan that is willing to invest in high-level digital capital. CYKF incorporates the digital tools it established in the early years into the workflow, uses digital marketing to communicate with clients or teams, and digitizes all its internal operating procedures, thus better streamlining its administrative efficiency to strengthen its service value.

At the same time, CYKF provides a customized turnkey whole plant output solution from scratch, echoing its own slogan: "Extrude your unlimited imagination," summarizing the peripherals and comprehensive pre-sales / post-sale services, and using its own expertise to maximize the value of automation equipment! In the current detailed design of the extruder, CYKF takes "humanity" as a key consideration factor. For example, all its automatic monitoring systems emphasize convenient operation and easy-to-use interface, while the die head is designed with a quick clamping device together with a dovetail-type slide to make the mold opening, mold clamping, mold cleaning and other operations simpler and faster. Aside from improving the user experience, CYKF can also assist clients in planning future production lines, improving manufacturing processes, and providing differentiated market advantages.

In response to the current wave of circular economy, CYKF is not only a manufacturer, but also a trusted partner, consultant, and even good friend who can communicate with clients to solve all their doubts and reduce their recycling costs! The main products and comprehensive solutions that CYKF will exhibit on the 2021 TaipeiPLAS DigitalGo are as follows:

  1. Medical Grade PVC Pelletizing Extrusion Line:
    Taking into account the cases that CYKF has undertaken on other medical production lines, such as melt-blown non-woven fabrics, nose line for masks, PVC droppers, etc., we conclude that clients in the medical industry have extremely high-quality requirements. Only can pure quality ester granules be used on the human body.

    • A specially designed screw meet the needs of clients for corrosion resistance or wear resistance and cater to the material characteristics to achieve the best mixing effect.
    • An automated monitoring system to improve process controllability, quality yield and product stability.
    • A special specifications to provide better choices for the industry categories such as education, experimentation and so on, in accordance with the small-scale multiple-variety production needs.
  2. Side Shredding Type Recycling Pelletizing Extrusion Line
    As CYKF has been in contact with optical sorting and recycling since it was founded, we have developed various recycling machines over the years to cater to the needs of the industry. It can be used to recycle different types of waste such as film, foamed materials, waste yarn or bottle flakes.

    • Adopt a comprehensive design of three-in-one machine, which simplifies the integration of upstream and downstream equipment.
    • A special screw design, which can effectively retain the physical properties of the material.
    • With outstanding filtration and drying performance, the recycled ester pellets have almost the same quality as the new material and can be reused in the new process.

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