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Our Story

CYKF is the brand name of Cheng Yieu Development Machinery Co., Ltd. “Cheng” means sincerity in Mandarin, which represents our sincerity that makes customers' big success. “Yieu” means jade, which represents the quality of our products is as strong as a jade. With our skills and proficiency in plastic extrusion combined with our considerate service, we are able to customize the products that meet customers’ requirements and expectations.

The Enterprise Specialized in Plastic Extruder

CYKF established in 1999, devoted ourselves to developing diverse types of precision plastic extruder. Twenty years ago, we already had the capability to build equipment controlled by industrial computer, and such achievement made us stand out from the local competitors. With our continuous efforts, coupled with high-quality machines, professional extrusion experiences, and instant service, these excellent corporate images have successfully earned trusts and prestige from customers worldwide.

Along with the technological upgrades for industry in 2005, we have been committed ourselves to researching, developing, designing, integrating, and manufacturing the automatic system of extrusion lines. All these efforts have brought the superiorities of our products that are sustainability, simplify the manipulation, saving human resources, guarantee the safety and the quality as well as reduce the productive costs efficiently. Now we have accumulated plentiful performances and experiences in building automatic pelletizing systems for PVC, compounding, and plastic recycling.

CYKF, carries the enthusiasm and keeps manufacturing reliable and durable equipment for customers as always.

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Advantages in Technology

Advantages in Technology

Our solid foundation in extrusion technology enables us to design tailor-made solutions for customers.

CYKF has abundant skills in plastic compounding and dedicated to manufacturing the equipment and components of plastic extrusion systems for PVC, compounding, and plastic recycling. The team of CYKF specializes in R&D of extrusion technology to cater for multiple plastic characteristics. We are capable of designing the high efficiency and competitive extrusion system for every customer to help them maximize the benefits.

In addition, our products are not only as firm as steels but also ensure high efficiency and quality performances. To enhance our production capability to the first class, we pay attention to every detail of manufacturing processes. The pelletizing extrusion lines made by CYKF had been sold to many countries and keeps extending rapidly. In order to become the acknowledged excellent manufacturer in the world, we never stop implementing the philosophy of integrity, precision, and quality. We believe that by developing our own brand can we manifest the spirits and values of CYKF.

Responsibility in Product Quality

Responsibility in Product Quality

Every machine made by CYKF carries the responsibility of long-term operation. In order to build outstanding plastic extruders and respond to customers’ multiple demands, we strengthen our abilities on customization and system integration to face challenges from the state-of-the-art technology in the industry. Our customized services embody the greatest values of CYKF, which are safety, convenience, efficiency, and quality.

The Pursuit of Perfection,
Local Operation, Global Vision

CYKF pursues the quality rigorously to ensure every tiny but important detail in the production processes. CYKF starts with a small plant and gradually growing into a respectable enterprise now. We are not only the best choice for domestic customers but also have the strength to provide services for global customers. Our achievements assist the extrusion industry of Taiwan stands on top place, moreover, we continue making ourselves glowing in the global market.