Excellent Compounding Skills

Composite consists of two or more constituents, i.e. polymers, metal, or ceramic, which is multiphase material made by a variant forming process. It possesses advantages from all the material components, contributing to a new kind material with better property performance.

Our team has been studying the plastic extrusion technology for decades and has accumulated more than hundreds of tests for different composite materials. Our successful experiences cover wide applications, such as medical, chemicals, automobiles, construction, electronics, optics, packaging, home appliances, food, stationery, toys, etc., which can be seen everywhere in our daily life.

The advantage of choosing CYKF is that we are capable of giving pertinent suggestions for extrusion, and helping test materials. We are proud to be the trustworthy supplier who can offer comprehensive solutions with high-quality after-sales services for customers.

Possible Materials


Our Solutions

The CK-HT series

CK-HT Series Case Study

Extrusion System with Outstanding Mixing Performance

The technology of plastics constantly improves, the advancement is to pursue higher-performance products and bring a better life to human beings. CYKF has firm foundations in plastic compounding, and plays an important role in this field.

All series of CYKF’s extrusion systems perform outstanding mixing behavior for different types of plastic materials. We integrate necessary auxiliary equipment for additives, fillers, and auxiliaries that are needed for production. The systems of underwater pelletizing, water ring pelletizing, strand pelletizing, and die face pelletizing are all available according to requests. The high-quality pellets made by CYKF’s extrusion machines can surely help customers have rapid returns on investments.

Basic Plastic Compounding Process

① Hopper
② Loss-in-weight feeder
③ Side feeder
④ Plastic extruder
⑤ Pelletizing system: Water ring pelletizing/Underwater pelletizing/Strand pelletizing/Die face pelletizing
⑥ Drying system: Water tank + Strand dryer/Centrifugal dryer
⑦ Vibrating screening unit
⑧ Storage tank

Accurate Customized Design

CYKF's core competitiveness comes from its strong customization and integration capabilities. Our technical team is familiar with plastic material properties, mechanical design, and system integration. It is our firm belief that a great design must take many factors into consideration, not just about the machine itself. The production flow, manpower, factory space, software, or even possible future expansion are all related to a good solution. That’s why we don’t just offer equipment, we provide the equipment that customers truly need.

Service Range

Service Consulting

  • Equipment specification
  • Building a new plant or production line
  • Materials testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment upgrade, reconstruction or expansion

On-site Service

  • Equipment installation
  • Operation guideline
  • Test-run


  • Equipment or components maintenance and repair
  • Suggestions for regular maintenance plan

Spare Parts

  • Short delivery with quick response

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