Co-rotating Twin Screw Strand Pelletizing Compounding Line


CK-HT series Co-rotating Twin Screw Strand Pelletizing Compounding Extrusion Line is especially for composite materials that are suitable for strand pelletizing production method. It can be applied to a wide range of plastics.

Possible materials:
Various composite materials, e.g. PC, PE, PS, ABS, Nylon, LCP, PPS with additives of glass fiber, Wood powder, CaCO3.


How it works :
①Vertical mixer ➜ ②Dosing feeder ➜ ③Extruder ➜ ④Strand pelletizing system (Water tank ➜ Strand dryer ➜ Pelletizing machine) ➜ ⑤Vibrating screening unit ➜ ⑥Storage tank

The mixed materials are stably fed into extruder by dosing feeder. The materials are melted, kneaded, and extruded by plastic extruder. The extruded strands are immediately pulled into water tank for cooling, and then again pulled into strand dryer to remove moisture on pellet surface. Finally, the strands are cut into pellets by pelletizer and stored by storage tank.

  • Vertical mixer

    The materials are completely, quickly, and evenly mixed by the helix. The stainless steel tank is not easy to leave material retention.

  • Dosing feeder

    The twin screw dosing feeder operates with the mixer is able to stabilize materials feeding and increase production capacity at the same time.

  • Extruder screw

    The screw zones of conveying, melting, mixing, compressing, venting, and vacuum are designed according to customers’ material formulations. From steel selection, machining accuracy to quality management, we have strict standard procedures to make sure the good quality and lifetime of these key components.

  • Die

    The die material and mold runner must be selected and designed according to the physical properties and characteristics of plastics to avoid occurrences of uneven material flow rate, retention, excessive molding pressure, in-mold temperature increase, decomposition and carbonization or other situations that may damage material properties of plastics. The die is equipped with pressure gauge to monitor production conditions.

  • Water tank

    Water tank is used to cool plastic strands extruded from die holes.

  • Strand dryer

    Our strand dryer is divided into two stages. The 1st stage is our vacuum dewatering system that absorbs most of the moisture on the surface of plastic strands, and the 2nd stage is to blow the remaining moisture away from strand surfaces. The powerful motor ensures excellent dewatering performance can be achieved.

  • Plastic pelletizer

    The plastic pelletizer is a very important device for plastic extrusion. The single sided cantilever cutting rotor ensures the vision of working area on the other side of cutter is wide and clear. The operator friendly designs not only make replacement of different cutters easier and safer but also let the adjustment of gap between rotary cutter and the static knife more precise. The daily cleaning and maintenance routine also become simple and quick.

    The special design of the rotary cutter is able to bring excellent cutting performance for every kind of plastic. It is quiet and durable, it can not only be applied to most plastics, but also in different applications, e.g., compounding and coloring.

  • Vibrating screening unit

    The machine body is made by stainless steel, it can filter out different sizes of pellets and also remove dust on pellet surfaces.

  • Storage tank

    Storage tank is an important device of extrusion systems. It is made by stainless steel and has different capacities for choice. Big bag filling machine or bagging machine are also available on requirements.


1. Integration service

CYKF provides a complete extrusion line from upstream to downstream equipment integration. The services range from equipment consulting, purchasing, installation, and maintenance. Our professional team makes establishment of new line and after-sale services become easier and efficient.

2. Easy operation

The co-rotating twin screw strand pelletizing compounding extrusion line is operated automatically. From materials feeding, extruding, pelletizing, dehumidifying to storing; additional manpower is not required. It brings users the most convenient operation experience.

3. High-throughput performance

CYKF has plentiful experiences in plastic extrusion and can customize extruder screws and barrels to optimize extrusion quality. The unique design of these critical parts brings high efficiency production ability to let customers have a rapid return on investment.

4. Sturdy and stable

Our product manufacturing strategies make our plastic extrusion systems sturdy and stable. Our equipment is able to burden a long-time running without any decrease in working performances. The extrusion line built by CYKF has won affirmation and praises from customers worldwide.

5. Customization and diverse options

The CK-HT series has 6 models. Different throughputs and combination of pelletizing systems or auxiliary equipment are available. Please contact us immediately for more product information.


Model CK-32HT CK-42HT CK-58HT CK-70HT CK-80HT CK-92HT
Screw Diameter (mm) 32 42 58 71 80 92
L / D Ratio 36 - 46 36 - 48 36 - 48 36 - 48 36 - 48 36 - 48
Main Motor (kW) 18 55 132 200 250 450
Output (kg/hr) 20 - 80 50 - 180 150 - 450 250 - 700 350 - 950 500 - 1500

*Above data is based on ABS. Actual output depends on different materials.
*All specifications, design and characteristics shown above are subject to change without prior notice.


HDPE + LDPE <br>+ 4% Pearl powder

+ 4% Pearl powder

HDPE+LDPE<br>+ 6% Pearl powder

+ 6% Pearl powder

PBT+ 30% Glass fiber

PBT+ 30% Glass fiber

PBT + 20% Silver antibacterial powder

PBT + 20% Silver antibacterial powder

PE + SiO2 25%

PE + SiO2 25%

POM+ 20% Glass fiber

POM+ 20% Glass fiber

PP+  30% Rice

PP+ 30% Rice

PP + 20% Glass fiber

PP + 20% Glass fiber

PP + 40 % Oak powder

PP + 40 % Oak powder