Co-rotating Twin Screw Automatic Metering / Weighing / Conveying Pelletizing Compounding Line


CYKF is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of the automatic extrusion systems, and constantly strives for perfection. The CK-HT series Co-rotating Twin Screw Automatic Metering Weighing and Conveying Pelletizing Compounding Extrusion Line successfully overcomes the problem of customer limited site space and configures the optimal traffic line for customers. The high-efficiency system shows the advantages of safety, convenience, efficiency and quality, reflecting the greatest value of CYKF.

Possible materials :
TPU, PLA, PVA, SEBS, EVA,  Hot-melt adhesive, Special resin, and Micro pellets, etc.


How it works :
①Automatic material preparation system ➜ ②Material refill tank ➜ ③Loss-in-weight feeder ➜ ④Extruder ➜ ⑤Water ring pelletizing system ➜ ⑥Centrifugal dryer ➜ ⑦Vibrating screening Unit ➜ ⑧Outside cycling type silo system ➜ ⑨Powder loader ➜ ⑩Big bag filling system

The automatic production line is able to operate itself from material feeding to final pellet packaging. The raw materials are evenly mixed by the material preparation system and fed into the plastic extruder by loss-in-weight feeder. The materials are melted, kneaded, and extruded from the die and cut into pellets by water ring pelletizing system. The pellets are cooled and dried before delivering to outside cycling type silo system. The screened pellets are then packaged by big bag filling system.

  • Automatic material preparation system

    The whole system includes hopper, storage tank, material refill tank and powder loader. Its automatic and precise delivery greatly saves manpower and can precisely transport small amount of powders as well.

  • Loss-in-weight feeder

    Loss-in-weight feeder is a gravimetric metering device that provides upstream materials a stable, even, and accurate feeding to plastic extrusion machine. The feeder receives constant feedback from weighing device to ensure that each batch of materials are delivered in precise amount.

  • Extruder screw

    The screw zones of conveying, melting, mixing, compressing, venting, and vacuum are designed according to customers’ material formulations. From steel selection, machining accuracy to quality management, we have strict standard procedures to make sure the good quality and lifetime of these key components.

  • Die

    The die material and mold runner must be selected and designed according to the physical properties and characteristics of plastics to avoid occurrences of uneven material flow rate, retention, excessive molding pressure, in-mold temperature increase, decomposition and carbonization or other situations that may damage material properties of plastics. The die is equipped with pressure gauge to monitor production conditions.

  • Water ring pelletizing system

    The pelletizing system is suitable for producing soft plastics. After the melt comes out through the die, the rotating knives immediately cut the melt into pellets. The pellets are cooled and transported by water at the same time to the downstream drying equipment.

  • Centrifugal dryer

    The equipment belongs to the downstream process of underwater pelletizing system. It is to remove surface moisture on the cooled plastic pellets. By eliminating the moisture, a better quality of the pellets can be obtained.

  • Vibrating screening unit

    The machine body is made by stainless steel, it can filter out different sizes of pellets and also remove dust on pellet surfaces.

  • Outside cycling type silo system

    The system is to evenly mix pellets to keep the average quality of each batch.

  • Powder loader

    The powder loader can remove dust from pellet surface to keep good quality of the materials.

  • Big bag filling system

    The high automation big bag filling system is steady and efficient. It can fill pellets fast and precisely. It’s an ideal equipment for large-size packaging of materials.


1. High-output performance

The professional team of CYKF can design custom screws and barrels for extruder to achieve excellent mixing behavior based on its plentiful experiences in mechanism and plastic materials background. The high efficiency plastic extrusion machine brings outstanding pellet quality output to help customers have a rapid return on investment.

2. Human-machine interface control system

The features of high-level human-machine interface control system include program detection control, synchronized proportional speed control, remote monitoring, and production parameters adjusting.

3. Operator friendly

The co-rotating twin screw underwater pelletizing compounding extrusion line equipped with human machine automation system that controls every stage of the production processes from materials feeding, extruding, pelletizing, dehumidifying to storing. It is operator friendly and greatly saves manpower.

4. One-stop-shop service

CYKF provides complete plastic extrusion lines for customers. For compounding demands, we can give suggestions for integration of auxiliary equipment to solve customers’ problems. Our services include consulting, equipment integration, installation, and maintenance. We make your work easier and quicker.

5. Durable and steady

Thanks to our strict policy in product quality that makes our extrusion lines durable and steady, some lines are still operating at customers' site even after 20 years. The equipment built by CYKF has won affirmation and praises from customers worldwide.

6. Diverse options

There are 6 models of our CK-HT series. Different outputs and combination of pelletizing systems or auxiliary equipment are available. Please contact us immediately for more product information.


Model CK-32HT CK-42HT CK-58HT CK-70HT CK-80HT CK-92HT
Screw Diameter (mm) 32 42 58 71 80 92
L / D Ratio 36 - 46 36 - 48 36 - 48 36 - 48 36 - 48 36 - 48
Main Motor (kW) 18 55 132 200 250 450
Output (kg/hr) 20 - 80 50 - 180 150 - 450 250 - 700 350 - 950 500 - 1500

*Above data is based on TPU. Actual output depends on different materials.
*All specifications, design and characteristics shown above are subject to change without prior notice.


ABS 0.6mm micro pellets

ABS 0.6mm micro pellets

PE masterbatch + 50% Pigment

PE masterbatch + 50% Pigment



PE + SiO2 25%

PE + SiO2 25%

PETG+ 10% Antistatic agent

PETG+ 10% Antistatic agent

PP+ 45% Chaff powder

PP+ 45% Chaff powder

PA flexible

PA flexible

Screen protecting film

Screen protecting film

10% PE + <br>90% Stainless steel powder

10% PE +
90% Stainless steel powder

For reference only. Could be matched with different pelletizing methods according to customer's requirements.