CK-80HT Co-rotating Twin Screw Underwater Pelletizing Compounding Line

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The Short Story

Our customer is one of the Taiwan’s most internationally renowned plastic material manufacturers and has been listed on the Taiwan stock exchange. They specialize in producing high-quality polyethylene pellets such as EVA, LDPE, HDPE, etc. Recently, their business has successfully developed in the energy application. In response to the surge requirements from the market, our customer has dedicated to expanding the new pelletizing lines for EVA compounding materials.

The Challenge

Our customer intends to expend 2 to 4 production lines. However, the lines can’t be implemented in the factory due to the limited spaces. As the requirements increasing rapidly in the market, our customer has been under a lot of pressure to satisfy the demands. They have no choice but to increase productivities since there is no time to wait for building another new factory.

The Solution

Our technical team was invited by the customer to conduct a survey in their factory. We measured the available area, observed the traffic flow and working environment. After proceeding with lots of discussions with our customer, we eventually made a proposal of the 4-story height CK-80HT automatic co-rotating twin screw underwater pelletizing line. It not only successfully overcame the restriction of the factory spaces, but also preserved enough rooms for future new line installation. Without fears of trouble in the rear, our customer can begin the installation of another new pelletizing line whenever they need.

During the time of planning, our major direction focused on “how can people and machines reach the highest working efficiency under such limited working spaces?”. We took the smoothness of the production flow as our priority, meanwhile, we considered the convenience and safety of operators’ daily operation and equipment maintenance to develop this complicated automatic pelletizing system. The outstanding human-machine interface control system controls from upstream material preparation system to the final pellets packaging system, it helped operators accomplish their daily work in a simple way and achieve production goal easily. Thanks to our technical team with their experienced integration capability to make everything become easy for the customer.

Safety, convenience, efficiency, and quality are the profound values that the customers who have used CYKF’s equipment strongly feel. We have always insisted on giving our customers the best, and we are glad to grow together with them through every communication.

The Accomplishments of CYKF

Ability to install a pelletizing line in the limited area and future expansion is also allowed.
Ability to design a simple high-level human-machine interface control system which can be operated by everyone.
One button to control the whole extrusion line.