CK-PSMB120 Non-woven Fabric Production Line

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The Short Story

With the COVID-19 raging around the world, tens of millions of people have been infected and it has ramped up the demand for epidemic prevention goods. Under the outbreak of the disease, all countries are actively engaged in manufacturing or searching medical supplies, and surgical mask and respirator mask become the most highly-demanded products. Therefore, the meltblown nonwoven fabrics, known as the heart of the mask, get high attention as well as the raw material PP.

The Challenge

From the early days of CYKF, we used to supply plastic extruders to the top 3 meltblown nonwoven fabric manufacturers in Taiwan. With our good reputation, we quickly received the contact from the customers at the time of the pandemic started. The expectation is to build a complete melt-blown production line within 45 days.

It’s a very big challenge since the lead time was really short. How to accelerate the speed of evaluation, design, and manufacturing become our first priority.

The Solution

Polypropylene melt-blown nonwoven fabric reaches the standard of medical filtration media after electret treatment. During the melt-blown process, molten PP polymer is extruded through small nozzles on the die, which is subsequently blown by high pressure hot air onto a take-up screen; The melt-blown web will then be wound onto a winder system to become a finished nonwoven fabric roll.

In order to design a high-efficiency meltblown nonwoven production line, we define the specs of each equipment carefully based on material properties and dimensions provided by the customers. We especially put efforts on evaluation of the relevant conditions that will affect melt flow rate. Our goal is to build the whole system which can carry out a stable long-time running with maximum operation speed.

The Accomplishments of CYKF

Due to the severe situation of the epidemic, Taiwan must build stable medical supply chains in a short time to ensure enough medical supplies can be provided to the people across the country, especially to the health care professionals in the front line.

Our customers are assigned as the national team to supply medical masks to our local requirements and even the world. We are glad that they fully trust CYKF to accomplish such a difficult and urgent task together. We feel honored and grateful that our specialty can greatly contribute to society under such tense moments.