CK-95DT PVC Pelletizing Extrusion Line

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The Short Story

The model CK-DT, a counter-rotating twin screw extrusion system is the series that CYKF especially developed for PVC materials. We are honored to be invited by our Russian customer, who has been cooperating with us for almost ten years, to help them build a tailor-made PVC compounding extrusion line with a high-performing automatic system.

The Challenge

The customer is a large-scale PVC compounds materials manufacturer in Russia. They want to expend production lines due to the fast-growing business. In order to maximize the work efficiency of their limited human resources, we were requested to design a completed automatic extrusion line from the upstream to the downstream processes including material preparation, mixture, transportation, feeding, extrusion, pelletizing, cooling, screening, and storage. The purpose was to help them operate this 23-meters-long, 6-meter-high underwater pelletizing line with least manpower.

The Solution

Our R&D team has been designed production lines countless times for PVC compounds for global customers. Our plentiful experiences allowed us to instantly catch the critical characteristics of the materials after receiving the PVC formulations and productivity expectations from our customer. We customized the extruder screw to let it equip with outstanding mixing behavior and high productivity. In order to ensure the smoothness of the production flow, we integrated the most efficient material preparation, weighing, and conveying systems for each additive used in the process no matter it’s in the form of powder or liquid.

The automatic system has the safety warning function for every important checkpoint of the production processes. Meanwhile, all the cables and wires of the equipment were well arranged by our technical team to ensure that operators are able to work in a safe and friendly working environment.

Eventually, the large CK-95DT PVC automatic extrusion line only needs one to two operators to control the machines. As long as the workers get raw materials prepared in advance and press down one button, the whole system can automatically produce high quality PVC pellets with customer’s satisfaction.

We thank our Russian friends came in person to participate in the equipment test run. Our technical director accompanied the customer to examine each station and give them detailed explanations for the questions. Under a friendly technical exchange between the teams of both sides, the test run came to a perfect end. We sincerely appreciate our Russian friends gave us this chance to provide our service, and we responded to their expectations with our cordial attitude and professional work.

The Accomplishments of CYKF

Production processes with high automation.
Minimum manpower commitment.
Achieving the goal of high productivity.


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