High Output Single Screw Pelletizing Extruder


CK-DHS series Single Screw Extruder has the fastest screw rotational speed and highest throughput among all single screw series. It equipped with high-efficiency gearbox which is capable of bearing greater back pressure and torque force during production. The low-noise and durable gearbox is adjustable to satisfy different production conditions.

Possible materials :

  • Extruder screw :
    The extruder screw of CYKF’s single screw extruder is customized to satisfy customers’ formulations. The optimal configuration of screw zones brings high-efficiency extrusion system and ensures high-quality pellet. Thanks to our strict quality management that guarantees good quality and long service life of our screws.

  • Die :
    The die material and mold runner must be selected and designed according to the physical properties and characteristics of plastics to avoid occurrences of uneven material flow rate, retention, excessive molding pressure, in-mold temperature increase, decomposition and carbonization or other situations that may damage material properties of plastics.
  • Features

    1. Outstanding production ability
    The CK-DHS single screw plastic extruder is able to maintain superb mixing behavior and capacity even under high-speed operation. The high-efficiency production performance helps customers can have a rapid return on investment.

    2. Durable and steady
    Our strict policy in product quality makes our CK-DHS series single screw plastic extruder sturdy and steady. This model earns affirmation and praises from customers worldwide.

    3. One-stop-shop service
    CYKF is capable of offering a complete plastic extrusion line and giving suggestions about optimal equipment configuration based on demands. Our services range are from consulting, purchasing, equipment installation, training, and maintenance. The comprehensive services make new line establishment become simple and easy.

    4. Diverse options
    There are 2 models of our CK-DHS series. Please contact us immediately for more product information.

    Model CK-DHS85 CK-DHS100
    Screw Diameter (mm) 85 100
    Main Motor (kW) 110 200
    Output (kg/hr) 350 - 600 500 - 950

    *Above data is based on ABS. Actual output depends on different materials.
    *All specifications, design and characteristics shown above are subject to change without prior notice.

    HDPE + LDPE <br>+ 4% Pearl powder
    + 4% Pearl powder
    PC + Materials for lens
    PC + Materials for lens
    PC bottle flakes recycling <br>/ Molecular weight 28000
    PC bottle flakes recycling
    / Molecular weight 28000
    PEI recycling
    PEI recycling
    PET film recycling
    PET film recycling
    PET bottle recycling
    PET bottle recycling
    PP coloring
    PP coloring