Strand Pelletizer


CYKF self-made strand pelletizers are able to handle most kinds of plastics. The strand pelletizers can cut cylindrical plastic strands into even pellets. In order to response different demands on capacity, CYKF develops 5 models for choice. The modular design can easily fit into any existing production lines to immediately support production.

Moreover, we provide the complete product range for strand pelletizer, including water tank, strand dryer, vibrating screen and storage tank. The comprehensive service saves time as well as solves troubles on system integration. All equipment is designed and manufactured by CYKF which guarantees the quality of the products.

Currently the CYKF strand pelletizers are widely used in polymer, recycling, chemical, electronics, automobile, and food industries, etc. The stable operating performance and long service life earns good reputation from customers, and the excellent features have already made contributions to lots of industries in the world.


1. User-friendly, Safety, Convenience

The CYKF stand pelletizer with driving motor under 22kW has a single sided cantilever cutting rotor. The easy accessibility to the cutting chamber makes cleaning, maintenance, adjustment and replacement of the rotor become safe and fast.

2. High capacity, High stability

The CYKF stand pelletizer with 22kW driving motor adopts bilateral-support design to fix the cutting rotor. It is to ensure that the pelletizer has the highly stable performance even at high-speed operating condition, and can effortlessly achieve high throughput.

3. Excellent pelletizing ability

The special design of the cutting rotor brings superb cutting performance for every kinds of plastic.

4. Consistent pellet quality

The smooth and stable operating system ensures consistency of pellet quality.

5. Adjustable rotating speed

The rotating speed of the cutting rotor can be flexibly adjusted to satisfy different production conditions.

6. Diversity of knife material

We provide SKD11, SUS440C, SUS420J2 with welded tungsten carbide for choice. Customization service is also available on request.

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MODEL Strand Pelletizer
Motor (kW) 2.2 / 6P 5.5 7.5 11 22
Rotor speed (RPM) 250-1000
Rotor width (mm) 80 200 300
Strand speed (m/min) 60 72 (Teeth 24)、108 (Teeth 36) 108
Max. strands (Ø 3 mm) 9 17 21 29 43
Output (kg/hr) 30 - 150 120 - 700 600 - 1200
No. of teeth 24 24 . 36 36
Knife material SUS440C SKD11 SKD11 SKD11 SKD11
*For the motor 22kW strand pelletizer, we have a fully stainless steel frame type for choice.


HDPE+LDPE<br>+ 6% Pearl powder

+ 6% Pearl powder



PC + Materials for lens

PC + Materials for lens

PET bottle recycling

PET bottle recycling

POM+ 20% Glass fiber

POM+ 20% Glass fiber

PP coloring

PP coloring