Side Feeder / Side Feeder Twin Screw


CYKF developed its own twin screw side feeder to enable the feeding of additives and fillers, such as glass fiber, CaCO3, TiO2, Talc, fire retardant, etc. Materials in powder or pellet are all acceptable. Our rich experiences in plastic extrusion help us catch the critical design points to satisfy different production requirements.


1. First choice for material feeding

We developed 3 types of side feeder to work with our CK-HT series co-rotating twin screw extruders. The side feeders are perfectly maximized the efficiency in the process of extrusion and perform the best production result.

2. Self-cleaning, stable feeding

The CYKF twin screw side feeder has self-cleaning feature with steadily nonstop feeding. The size of hopper can also be selected according to the factory space.

3. Durable and space saving

CYKF considers the productivity as the first priority. Our side feeders are as durable as our other plastic extrusion machines. The lifetime of our equipment can even extend to more than 20 years. The compact design made it suitable for all kinds of spaces. Thanks to our R&D team invented such a comprehensive product.


Motor Power (HP) 1 HP, 3 HP, 5 HP
Screw Diameter (mm) 30, 55, 70
Screw Speed (RPM) Max. 175