CYKF’s first experience to 2020 IPF online exhibition

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IPF Japan is one of the three major rubber and plastic exhibitions in the world. Due to the epidemic still rages globally, the organizer decided to host the exhibition in a virtual way. Innovation is in CYKF’s DNA, we embraced the change and participated in the online show for the first time, presented the most popular recycling machine in a novel way.

In recent years, a flood of plastic wastes has increased the demand for recycling, which has led to trend of environmental protection. The CK-SC series, CYKF’s leading recycling extruder was the major model displayed in IPF. The Shredder-Extruder-Pelletizer combination effectively recycles multiple kinds of plastic wastes. The high-efficiency performance and flexible customization options for systems and automation meet all-round needs, which are also the advantages that CYKF is proud of.

We were so glad to join this event. In order to provide the most comprehensive service during the show, we made a meticulous plan for the necessary devices, stand design, and system training.

During the exhibition, our sales team interacted with online visitors actively and shared ideas and views of industry trends. The online exhibition breaks the limitations of physical spaces and brings a whole new experience to CYKF. We will keep an open mind continuing to serve global customers in any new possible way.

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Notice: The IPF virtual booth will keep opening until May 21, 2021.