2021 Taipei Plas Online Exhibition Prosper the Business with Digital Media!

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Taipei International Plastic & Rubber Industry Show also called TaipeiPLAS which held once every two years. CYKF participates in this exhibition every session. Considering the risk of Covid-19, the organizer postponed the physical exhibition and launched a one-month online exhibition in alternative. This year, CYKF actively joined a series of events and highlight our popular product in an innovative way.

During the exhibition, CYKF put a lot of effort into three major events which were Market Outlook Webinar, Manufacturers Win Podcast Interview, and Factory Tour In House Live. With digital media, our professional team has more opportunities to share our advantages and collect industrial trends from the exchange.

Since Covid-19, the increasing aging population, and expanding home healthcare are anticipated to be the key factors responsible for market growth. CYKF highly present Medical Grade PVC Pelletizing Extrusion Line. It can easily produce high-quality pellets with high stability features. Besides, our professional team provides the technical service and customized integration service that can satisfy the manufacturing requirements and therefore build up exclusive equipment for customers.

TaipeiPLAS online exhibition empowered us to show different perspectives and team professionalism to the world. Our committed service spirit will keep providing the best service and talent for every customer in need.

2022 Taipei International Plastic & Rubber Industry Show is undertaking now, CYKF looking forward to meeting you at the exhibition!

Events Review:

Factory Tour In house Live

Market Outlook Webinar (India|Thailand)