The Unprecedented CK-80HT Co-rotating Twin Screw Underwater Pelletizing System

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One of the world-renowned plastic material manufacturers in Taiwan is looking for a supplier who can build plastic extrusion lines for their EVA compounds.

Due to the complicated material production processes and large equipment installation scale, only few local extrusion line manufacturers are able to handle this case. However, CYKF successfully overcame the impossible mission as usual. We built a 4-story height automatic system for the customer, the CK-80HT, a magnificent co-rotating twin screw underwater pelletizing extrusion line.

The major foundation of our design is to maximize work efficiency by combining operators and machines. Through the high-efficiency automatic pelletizing extrusion line, we assist the customer to achieve their goal effortlessly. Customer’s satisfaction is always our biggest motivation to move forward!

Click the case study to know more details about this special project.