PVC Automatic Metering / Weighing / Conveying Pelletizing Extrusion Line


CYKF has good reputation in PVC extrusion. Our CK-DT series Counter-rotating Twin Screw Extruder is especially designed for PVC. The available screw diameter is between 55 to 130mm. Thanks to our technical team put long term effort on this field which makes CYKF’s PVC extruder is competitive compared to other competitors. Our durable and high-efficient PVC extrusion pelletizing line is able to produce rigid PVC, soft PVC, medical grade PVC, UPVC, CPVC, and additives of foam or wood powders. We are pound to say the PVC extrusion line made by CYKF is no doubt the best choice for customers.

Possible materials :
UPVC, CPVC, Medical grade PVC, Soft PVC, Rigid PVC, Foam and wood powder additives.


How it works :
①Automatic material preparation system ➜ ②High-speed mixer ➜ ③Cooling blender ➜ ④Screw conveyor ➜ ⑤Temporary storage tank ➜ ⑥Force feeder ➜ ⑦PVC extruder ➜ ⑧Die face pelletizing system ➜ ⑨Cyclone tank ➜ ⑩Vibrating cooler ➜ ⑪Storage tank 

Materials are mixed by high speed mixer and delivered by screw conveyor to PVC extruder for extrusion. The vacuum system of PVC extruder removes waste gas during production. After the melts are extruded from the die, the materials are directly cut into pellets by a rotary cutter of the die face pelletizing system, then the pellets are transported by air to cyclone tank and cooled by vibrating cooler. All cooled pellets are stored by storage tank.

  • Automatic material preparation system
    The whole system includes hopper, storage tank, material refill tank and powder loader. It helps save manpower and can precisely transport small amount of liquid oil and powders as well.

  • High-speed mixer
    High-speed mixer can evenly mix PVC and additives. The mixed raw materials are then delivered to cooling blender to decrease temperature before going to the next procedure. The mixing speed of high-speed mixer is adjustable according to different formulations’ requirements.

  • Cooling blender
    Cooling blender can rapidly decrease temperature of mixed raw materials to the required level, and screw conveyor will automatically deliver the materials to temporary storage tank for extrusion.

  • Screw conveyor
    Screw conveyor is used to convey bulk materials from temporary storage tank to force feeder, it is especially suitable for transporting powders. The rotating speed of screws is stable which makes materials feeding more smoothly.

  • Force feeder
    Force feeder can evenly mix powders and effectively avoid bridging during material feeding.

  • Extruder screw
    CYKF customizes extruder screws according to customers’ material formulations. From steel selection, machining accuracy to quality management, we have strict standard procedures to make sure good quality and long service life of these key parts.

  • Die
    CYKF estimates material properties and characteristics for selecting appropriate die material in combination with optimized runner design, that effectively avoids destruction on material properties due to excessive die temperature, uneven material flow rate, material jamming, excessive die pressure, decomposition and carbonization, etc. The die of the PVC extruder is designed with quick clamping in combination with linear guideway, making die open/close and die cleaning easy and fast.

  • Die face pelletizing system
    The PVC pelletizing machine utilizes a specially cutter hub, providing convenient cutterhead dismantling and calibration.

  • Cyclone tank
    Cyclone tank can separate air and pellets and process initial cooling for pellets.

  • Vibrating cooler
    Vibrating cooler removes adherent dust and cools plastic pellets evenly and rapidly.

  • Storage tank
    The material of storage tank is stainless steel. There are different capacities of the tank for choice. Big bag filling system is also available on request.

1. Equipped with automatic material preparation system
CYKF developed automatic material preparation system to satisfy requests of full line automation. It greatly saves manpower and shortens production cycle.

2. One-stop-shop service
CYKF integrates complete plastic extrusion lines for customers worldwide. Our services include consulting, system integration, equipment installation, and maintenance. We simplify the process of building an extrusion line to make your work become easier and efficient.

3. Continuous automation control system
The PVC extrusion system is equipped with an advanced high-level human-machine interface control system combined with the use of specific modules, including program detection control and synchronized proportional speed control to achieve continuous automatic control function.

4. High throughput performance
The screws and barrels of CYKF’s PVC extruders are designed according to PVC formulations. That’s why our machine not only can bring superb mixing behavior but also higher throughputs. The production capacity for soft PVC can be up to 1200kg/hr, and for rigid PVC can be up to 1500kg/hr. We are proud that our products can let customers have a rapid return on investment.

5. Durable and steady
The CK-DT series PVC extrusion lines have become one of the most popular models among CYKF’s products. The stable extrusion systems and outstanding capacity have earned good reputation from global customers.

6. Diverse options
There are 5 models of our CK-DT series. Please contact us immediately for more product information.

Model CK-55DT CK-75DT CK-95DT CK-110DT CK-130DT
Screw Diameter (mm) 55 75 95 108 132
L / D Ratio 22 - 30 22 - 30 22 - 30 22 - 30 22 - 30
Main Motor (kW) 11 30 55 90 110
Output (kg/hr) Soft 30 - 60 100 - 200 200 - 400 400 - 650 600 - 1000
Rigid 45 - 90 150 - 250 250 - 550 450 - 750 800 - 1200

*Actual output depends on different materials.
*All specifications, design and characteristics shown above are subject to change without prior notice.

PVC + Wood powder
PVC + Wood powder
PVC hose
PVC hose
PVC fire hose CaZn series
PVC fire hose CaZn series
PVC injection tube
PVC injection tube
PVC fitting
PVC fitting
Medical grade PVC
Medical grade PVC
Rigid PVC <br>transparent film
Rigid PVC
transparent film