Side Force Feeder Type
Recycling Pelletizing Extrusion Line


CK-SF series Side Force Feeder Type Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Line is ideal for recycling clean or washed plastic crushed films.

Possible materials :
EPE, EPP, EPS, PP, HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PS crushed films.


How It Works :
①Side force feeder / Dosing feeder ➜ ②Plastic extruder ➜ ③Water ring pelletizing system ➜ ④Centrifugal dryer ➜ ⑤Vibrating screening unit ➜ ⑥Storage tank

Side force feeder / Dosing feeder is to feed crushed films into plastic extruder for melting, kneading, and filtering. The melts are extruded out from the die holes and cut into pellets by water ring pelletizing system. All the pellets are cooled, dried, and screened to become reusable materials.

  • Side force feeder
    The crushed films are fed into plastic extruder via side force feeder. The transportation system of the side force feeder can effectively increase feeding capacity.

  • Dosing feeder
    Dosing feeder adopts counter-rotating twin screw design, it makes transportation of materials more stable.

  • Plastic extruder
    The plastic extruder is to melt, deliver, knead, and filter recycled plastics. The extruder screws are the critical parts of the plastic extrusion machine. CYKF has strict standard procedures to control quality of screw steel, machining accuracy, and finished quality to ensure a long service life.

  • Water ring pelletizing system
    Water ring pelletizing system is widely used, but it is not suitable for sticky, low-viscosity materials because pellets can stick together before they hit the water. When the molten polymer exits the die holes and is cut into pellets by rotating knives in air. The pellets produced outwards are cooled by water and then transported to downstream centrifugal dryer.

  • Centrifugal dryer
    The unit is to eliminate moisture on the surface of plastic pellets.

  • Vibrating screening unit
    The unit can filter out different sizes of pellets to ensure a good average quality of the materials.

  • Storage tank
    The storage tank is to gather plastic pellets. It is made by stainless steel and has different capacities for choice. Big bag filling machine or bagging machine are also available on request.

1. High-efficiency recycling machine
The extruder screw is designed according to material properties. The core of the design is to effectively reduce loss of material physical properties during extrusion. Besides, the double degassing system on our single screw plastic extruder is especially for recycling materials with higher moisture content. It can remove moisture and waste gas from the melts to maintain an average quality of the pellets.

The clean scraps come from in-house & industrial recycling can be transformed into usable raw materials. The physical properties of the scraps reproduced by our pelletizing recycling machine can be maintained about 70% - 80%. The recyclate can be fed back into the process, and much lower quantities of new raw materials are required. As to post-consumer recycling, the recyclate is also profitable, it can be used to manufacture goods with lower request of material performance.

2. High level of automation
The high-level human-machine interface control system intelligently integrates recycling processes. It helps analyze and monitor production parameters 24/7. The safety warning system offers a safe working environment for operators.

3. Durable, Stable, Convenient
The strict product policy makes CYKF’s equipment durable and stable. Our simple-operation equipment can make daily operation and maintenance faster and easier.

4. Diverse options
The CK-SF series has 4 models. Different plastic pelletizing machines and auxiliary equipment are available on request. Please contact us immediately for more product information.

Model CK-SF100 CK-SF120 CK-SF135 CK-SF150
Screw Diameter (mm) 100 120 135 150
L / D Ratio 32 - 36 32 - 36 32 - 36 32 - 36
Main Motor (kW) 75 110 132 160
Output (kg/hr) 200 - 300 250 - 500 350 - 600 400 - 800

*Above data is based on PE film recycling. Actual output depends on different materials.
*All specifications, design and characteristics shown above are subject to change without prior notice.

EPS recycling
EPS recycling
HDPE recycling
HDPE recycling
HDPE recycling
HDPE recycling
HDPE film recycling
HDPE film recycling
LDPE recycling
LDPE recycling
LDPE recycling
LDPE recycling
PP recycling
PP recycling
XPS recycling
XPS recycling
PE film recycling
PE film recycling